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About us


Same Sister is a wife, husband and dog team of Amanda, David and Puck.


All three spend many hours sourcing the fabrics that go to make the Same Sister range.  Rain or shine the coffee thermos and croissants are packed into the car; who knows where it may lead?


Amanda then selects all the fabrics that go to make the products, laundering, repairing and ironing everything along the way.


David organises the logistics of the backroom stuff (which is a lot).  


Though, like any small business, there is lots of crossover and ball juggling going on.


The team's third member is Puck the dog who keeps them sane and when things become too aerated insists on a walk so that perspective can return.



Same Sister has grown from our love of vintage and antique textiles and we split our time between our 18th Century presbytery in Burgundy, France, and our cottage in the UK. Living in France gives us access to a fantastic network of suppliers and some of the best vintage fabrics in the world.  


We are very hands on with our choice of materials because we walk the markets, feel the fabrics and barter with the stallholders to end up with the right textiles for our collections.  


This love of vintage fabric has turned into a business that allows us to source and work with beautiful materials turning them into practical, yet completely desirable pieces, so that we can share the love around.  Together we create the ideas for all that we do, make the patterns, test and tweak the prototypes, discuss the idea with our seamstresses so they can make them.  All this to end up with everything that is for sale here.


Working to patterns we’ve designed and tested ourselves, and only ever using vintage materials, every piece in the Same Sister collection is unique, made to last and continues a long tradition of handmade heritage.


All made by Amanda and her artisan seamstresses working in England.


Everything we do is very personal and our designs are the result of careful thought. We only make products we would want to own and use.


"We are proud that we make our pieces in England and not a factory in a third world country that may treat its workers badly. And making in England means the minimum of carbon footprint."