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Accessories for life

Same Sister's accessories are a range of bags and aprons made from antique and vintage textiles.


We have looked at many, many of each to bring something that will add to your life. After all, does the world really need another bag unless it is going to be a good one?  


Early on we decided that it wasn't just about the fabrics, it also had to be about the way the range is designed and made. For this reason we designed everything to be long lasting, strong in the areas they had to be, to have practical features and be fit for their purpose.


Nothing annoys us more than to have something fall apart from bad design, construction or poor materials.


All our designs are simple but well thought through with little details to add style, practicality and strength.


We also like to include any previous darns that have been made in the fabric to reference their history. If we can include any weaving imperfections we will to add interest though never compromising on strength.


Our bags are designed to carry a heavy load and many are reversable with an inner lining.


Our aprons have big pockets and longs ties.


And everything is machine washable.


We like to keep designs simple and low tech where we can so the neck strap is adjusted by sliding the strap through a large button hole and tying a knot. In fact as keen sailors we use the reef and figure of eight knots to secure straps.