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A little bit about our aprons

Sturdy vintage French hemp and linen make super aprons, there's no doubt about it.  The vintage fabrics are robust, thick and sturdy.  Comfortable to wear, absorbent, lots of character and they improve with every wash.  


Our cook's apron grew from a desire to have a big cover-all apron for the kitchen that would stand up to all that's thrown at it while still looking attractive.  Never be ashamed to be seen in your apron again!  


These are aprons that are made to be really used, they have long, strong ties that comfortably tie at the front, adjustable neck straps so you can pull the top right up if you're going to get in a big mess, a large pocket and a very useful smaller phone, glasses or notebook pocket.  


Our BBQ aprons use really beautiful fabrics, have two large pockets, good strong, long ties and make great work aprons.  Unisex - great for men too.  In fact they look pretty cool on guys and make fab presents.


We use hemp, linen or metis for the body of the aprons and then coordinate with a variety of vintage fabrics for pockets and ties.  Some are plain, some striped, some madly floral.  You'll find a look we're sure you'll love and if not - contact us to ask about custom designs.


All our aprons are machine washable at 40 or 60 degrees unless otherwise stated.