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A little about our bags

As with all our items, the combination of fabric textures and designs is key.  Rustic 19th century hemp or vintage linens have such wonderful character and make beautiful, individual bags that we know you'll love.  


Our bags are sturdy and strong, designed to take all that you'll throw at them. Load them up with books, shopping, laptop, paperwork or baby kit and they'll be more than up to the job.


Our tote bags have strong, wide handles that support the underneath and are reinforced where they join the bag so that they can't tear away.  The large bags have an extra fabric panel at the base to cope with heavier loads.  The deep external pocket is a great place to stow your car keys and mobile.


The messenger bag is so comfortable you'll hardly know you're carrying it and, like the sturdy bottle bag, it is reversible to suit your mood.


Out satchel is still in the last stages of design but will be on line soon.  A strong, stylish bag using heavy, sturdy fabrics with a little padding for extra protection.  A great laptop case.


We also do seasonal short runs of bags if a particular fabric is speaking to us!


All bags are fully washable at 40 degrees unless stated otherwise.


We love making our bags, it gives us a chance to sort through our treasure trove of fabrics and to use that special small piece that's just waiting to shine!