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Ethical style?


We have lived and manufactured for many years in the Far East and have viewed some horrible conditions in factories we have visited. When we decided on the idea of Same Sister we vowed to manufacture in the UK.  All our artisans are paid what they deserve, for the skills they have and we consider them part of our team


What does ethical styling mean to us? It is ensuring that we adhere to the following principles:


1) Our products are not produced in a third world factory and they must have minimum travel miles and carbon footprint.


2) Our suppliers must be paid comensurate for their skills and requirements.


3) Our clothing must be 100% recyclable.


4) All our textiles are either antique or vintage and whatever their initial carbon footprint may have been it has been spread over many years and well diffused.


All these principles may not seem much but small steps turn into big strides if more

manufacturers were to follow this process.


Our thinking is that we can save the world one bag at a time.