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Do you ever feel your clothes are wearing you, dictating how you feel and act?  Life can be tricky enough without being constrained by what you wear.


For many years I have been wearing antique French clothing; wonderful 19th century work shirts and chemises in heavenly soft linen or hemp that has been smoothed by years of laundering.  These are fabulous but designs are limited.  So, what about using some of these gorgeous, comfortable antique fabrics to make a range of simple but well tailored clothing?  And hey presto, Same Sister was conceived.


The process has been slow because we want to get it right but we are now really happy with our tunic and sleeveless blouse.  Both are well tailored but appear simple; they don't shout from the rooftops but will be steadfast, by your side for years to come - a firm friend, a sister.


But it's not about the clothes themselves, rather how you feel when wearing them.  It is important for us that you absorb our clothes into your lives; that they become a part of your lifestyle.  Always comfortable and up for the next adventure.


For women